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Delores D. Rankin

D. Rankin passed away peacefully at her home on March 31, 2014.

D. Rankin was born August 6, 1928 in Indiana, while her parents were on a short trip there from their home in Bradenton, Florida. D. Rankin has been a resident of Florida most of her life, except for time spent in Philadelphia, PA. D. Rankin moved from Bradenton, Florida in 1989 and has resided here in Naples ever since. D. Rankin is a widow and is the mother of Deborah Jesse and Douglas L. Rankin.

D. Rankin has been working for the Law Office of Douglas L. Rankin since May 1992. Prior to May of 1992 D. Rankin worked with Douglas L. Rankin at his previous firm and had Done so since shortly after selling her accounting practice in Bradenton, Florida.

D. Rankin started her accounting practice under the name of D. Rankin, Accountant in 1964 in Bradenton, Florida and operated the same until 1987, when said practice was sold At the time of the sale of said practice, it was the second largest accounting practice in Bradenton, Florida and was also one of the most progressive, having been one of the first accounting offices in Bradenton to Do its bookkeeping for its clients on computer beginning in 1979. D. Rankin?s practice performed bookkeeping services for numerous businesses and prepared tax returns for thousands of people. Until his graduation from Law School, Douglas L. Rankin worked for said accounting firm from a very young age. Deborah Jesse also worked for said accounting firm from a very young age until after she graduated from high school.

Before opening her own business D. Rankin was employed by Obrig Laboratories located in their Sarasota office as the Head Accountant and Office Manager for all of their operations everywhere in the world At the time, Obrig Laboratories was the only manufacturer of contact lenses in the world and had branches in several Countries and in several parts of this Country. D. Rankin was employed at Obrig Laboratories from 1957 through 1964. Prior to 1957 Mrs. Rankin resided in Philadelphia, PA. and was employed by Charge-A-Plate Association as the Vice President and Chief of Operations. Charge-A-Plate Association was one of the precursors to the modern day credit card and was owned by the 13 largest Department stores in the Philadelphia area and administered charge plates that were honored in all 13 Different chains. D. Rankin answered to the Heads of all 13 Department stores and the Executive Vice President who was the Head of the Philadelphia Credit Bureau, which together formed the owners of Charge-A-Plate Association. While working for Charge-A-Plate, D. Rankin attended the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School in the evenings taking advanced accounting classes and working on her Masters Degree. Prior to Charge-A-Plate Association D. Rankin worked for the Philadelphia Credit Bureau, but was very quickly advanced to become the Head of Charge-A-Plate Association. Prior to the Philadelphia Credit Bureau D. Rankin was employed by a large wholesale ship supply house, Maritime Supply House, in the Philadelphia area, as the 2nd in charge of the Accounting Department. Prior to Maritime Supply House D. Rankin was employed by the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation as a cost accountant. Previously Mrs. Rankin attended college, receiving her education in Jacksonville, Florida, after having graduated high school as the 1st peace time graduating class (1946) from Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida, from which her son and daughter would later graduate.

D. Rankin has extensive experience in Accounting and income tax work and has been performing the same for over 50 years.