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Republican State Committee Man


                • Kathleen Passidomo – Florida Senate President
                • Mike Lyster – former Chairman Collier County Republican Executive Committee
                • Carla Dean – former Chairman Collier County Republican Executive Committee
                • Jim Coletta – former Collier County Commissioner
                • Penny Taylor – former Collier County Commissioner
                • Donna Fiala – former Collier County Commissioner
                • Mike Carr – Former Judge, former Chairman Collier County Republican Executive Committee & former State Committeeman
                • Frank Halas – former Collier County Commissioner
                • Crystal K. Kinzel – Collier County Clerk of Courts
                • Joseph Whitehead – Former Police Detective and Radio Personality
                • J. Dudley Goodlette – Longtime Naples resident, former member of FL House of Representatives & Counsel to the FL House & 50 Year Attorney
                • Garrett Richter – Former FL Senator and FL House of Representatives and highly successful and respected Banker
                • Collier County Citizens Values Political Action Committee (CCCVPAC)
                • More coming

As it is the State Committeeman’s job is to get Republicans elected, I have not asked for endorsements from any Republican Candidates that is facing opposition in this election race, although many would still endorse me.

If I am elected, I pledge that Collier County will have representation on the RPOF Board, which Collier County has not had in 4 years.

It has been confirmed Alfie is out he did not qualify on time. So, it is me verses Frank Schwerin.  I filed more than 3 days ahead of time, not at the last minute.

Anything that you may have heard that that was anyone’s fault, but Alfe’s is wrong. It appears he tends to think that the law does not apply to him and has a lengthy rap sheet of arrests to show that.

I have been supporting Trump since before he announced to run in 2015. I have been with him ever since and will always be with him. I am 100% MAGA to the extreme.

I have over 35 years’ experience in elections and the job of this position is to get Republicans elected. And I mean real Republicans not RINOs. I have a long-established record of doing that. I have helped get a lot of Republicans elected who were real Republicans and I have helped put the bad ones in jail or out of office. I was one of the three people in the late 90s who put 3 county commissioners and a county manager out of office and in jail in Collier County. I was one of 42 members out of over 250 of the Republican Party of Florida who put the head of the Republican Party out of his position and in state prison against be full force of the rest of the party and then Governor Crist. That individual was a thief and a spendthrift.

I spent many years as vice chairman of our local party. And then I spent 12 years as state committee man. During most of that time I was elected as a chairman and or vice chairman of a Congressional District which put me on the Republican Party of Florida board. One of the 42 or now 43 people who set policy for the Republican Party of Florida. Since the soon to be former state committee man was elected Collier County has had no representation on that board which has hurt us greatly. During the time period I was State Committeeman Collier County won award after award for republican voter turnout. We were consistently #1 or #2 in the state of Florida and since this is based on percentage turnout the more Republicans you have the harder it is to do.

I have contacts in the Republican Party locally statewide and nationally. I am an experienced member of the Republican National Lawyers Association. I have worked on election integrity locally and statewide from a political and legal standpoint for over 30 years. I am a veteran of the 2000 election, rotten acorns from the Democrats and everything else they have thrown at us. My purpose in getting reelected is to get the job done, not to seek out perks. I remember well what my very successful mother and father taught me which is to do something right or don’t do it at all. I am well respected among all elected officials locally and statewide who know me and many of the statewide ones do. There are also numerous national figures that also know and respect me. My opponent brings none of this. He has never been a Congressional District chairman a State Committeeman and has never sat on the Republican Party of Florida board. And knows few people outside of Collier County in the political circles. I humbly ask for your vote. If you have any further questions my cell number is well known. I have been running poll watching efforts in Collier County for over 35 years to and including now. 239 572 3237.  See my Website below for my experience and many positions and awards.

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